Welcome back to Fashion Friday, this week we are doing a brand new $100 outfit of the week. This three-piece outfit is built for the work from home (new) pro, since we’re all stuck typing away on our too-small laptops that are balanced on laundry baskets in our new “hall office” outside of the 500-square-foot apartment’s only bathroom. 

I wanted to go with something that you would be SO comfy in (aka a casual jumper) but you could still throw on a blazer to look profesh (honestly, just grab one out of your closet), and a pair of slipper-shoes that make you feel like you dressed up a tad bit. But, most importantly, this bad boy is TOTALLY AFFORDABLE for those of us with strapped budgets. 

Casual Knit Jumpsuit

You know what is the best kind of outfit? The one that’s all one piece said and done. Yes, I’m talking about my FAVOURITE fashion piece: the jumpsuit. You can find super fancy jumpsuits, cute summer jumpsuits and, in today’s case, casual and comfy jumpsuits. The Woman Within Knit Jumpsuit is the PERFECT pick for a casual Friday working from home.

This bad boy goes from size 14 to 32, fitting many of our plus size bodies—but like any other online purchase, make sure to check the measurements! And it’s LESS THAN $25 USD. This jumper comes in the vintage moss (pictured), deep cranberry and black, and it’s made of a poly-rayon-spandex combination.

I personally have a casual knit jumpsuit (or two) that I wear ALL THE TIME and I would highly recommend that you add one to your collection. The best thing about this particular one is that the belt gives it just a tad bit of form that keeps it professional. And if you throw the below blazer on it, you’ll look like a gem in that business meeting. 

Throw On Checkered Blazer

Not every office is cool with a casual jumper. Maybe you have a meeting with the VP of Marketing or the Finance Manager and you want to look a little fancier.

This classy-yet-casual blazer is made in a simple grey plaid, and will be perfect for SO MANY outfits. Made of a polyester-cotton combination, this bad boy should be hand washed and hung dry. It has a loose, relaxed fit with a single-button closure, and two front pockets.

You can get it in sizes 14 to 22, but make sure you check the measurements before you order! It’s only $17 USD but it only has three poor ratings… it’s hard to make a judgement call based on such little ratings, so make sure you let me know what you think if you end up getting it!

Vionic Slipper with Arch Support

Look, it can get really old wearing slippers all day. Comfy, yes? But it kind of feels like you forgot to get dressed in the morning (which, to be honest, you might have, no judgement here). And, if you have a stand-up desk situation like me, it can still be hard on your feet. That’s where the Vionic Haven McKenzie Slipper comes in.

These bad boys have a suede upper, durable rubber outsole and a removable faux-shearling footbed (just in case it gets a little too hot). These bad boys are a slipper-shoe hybrid. They have arch support in their podiatrist-designed footbed, and overall it’s an incredibly comfortable shoe. 

Best of all, these shoes are about $40 right now and they have wide sizes for those of us that have larger feet (hello, 11 wide). They are praised for their comfort and design by those with plantar fasciitis, and you can wear them to take your garbage out. 

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Are you ready for another Fashion Friday? This week we have a brand new plus size outfit for under $100. We have paired a casual jumpsuit (perfect for wearing from home) with a blazer that can be thrown on with a comfy but casual pair of shoes that you can wear at home.

What would you like to see in the next $100 outfit? Drop your ideas in the comments below ??????

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