It’s that time of the week, Fashion Friday, where I give you a BRAND NEW $100 outfit of the week. Since everyone is locked inside their apartments and their houses this week, I think it’s the perfect time to talk about a quarantine-style outfit of the week.

Specifically, I want something that is comfy on the bottom and business (ish) on the top so you don’t have to panic throw on the blazer on your floor before you meet with your boss. So, we’ve got cute, comfy and, most importantly, affordable.

Check out this quarantine-style outfit of the week

Plus Size Leggings with Pockets

To kick off our quarantine-ready outfit of the week, we’ve got a pair of KQUZO plus size leggings with pockets. I LOVE a pair of leggings with pockets because you can slip your phone in there and wander around the house with wireless earbuds or headphones in.

I stand at my desk a lot, so these are great my solo desk dancing parties while I’m proofing client work or coming up with a brand new strategy. I have three different pairs of leggings with pockets and I just can’t get enough.

If you’re not a big legging wearer but you want a pair for your temporary work from home situation, then the $32 price tag on these bad boys will be a welcome relief. They are quick-dry with a 4-way stretch and an anti-UV barrier. 

Romwe Plus Size Raw Hem Ruffle Belted Blouse

While this isn’t a fancy business blouse, the Romwe Raw Hem Ruffle Belted Blouse is dressy enough to fool your boss into thinking you dressed up for work this morning. It’s made out of a polyester and spandex mix, which means it looks like business wear but is still comfy. ?

The ruffled sleeve, the belt and the crewneck give it a professional air, but it’s flowy nature means it’s easy to move around in and you won’t get too restricted. Plus, it’s flattering on beautiful plus-size bodies.

Not only is it cute, but it’s $23 price tag means it’s totally affordable (YAY), so getting yourself one won’t break the budget. If you don’t love the green, you can get it in black or orange.

Snoozies House Slippers

Snoozies are my FAVOURITE slipper, they’re so soft and comfy. They have new designs and styles regularly, but these Elephant ones seemed perfect for these cool, bummer times to keep you cozy.

They are the ultimate slippers with their cozy insides. Your feet slip right into them, and are kept nice and cozy. They’re a mere $16, which I can tell you is a steal of a deal (I tend to pay at least $20 in store). 

If these bad boys seem too hot for you, check out a thinner pair like these anchor ones with a bit of a sole on that are perfect for doing your at-home yoga routine. I have these (in lobster) and use them for my spring/summer slippers. 

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