Fashion Friday is back again, and I thought we’d go fun and comfy for this week’s $100 outfit. We’re doing a dino print pj set with some comfy-as-hell house booties!

This outfit is PERFECT for spending a Sunday lounging about relaxing. I know this isn’t technically an outfit that you can wear out on the town, but with social distancing on the agenda, it might just be the perfect outfit for you.

This combination is totally affordable—both the short PJ set and the robe are on sale (seriously, get them NOW)—and this whole outfit technically comes to $110 because I went with more expensive slippers but I couldn’t help it… they’re so damn cute.

ModCloth Short Pyjama Set

Being stuck at home on a nice day doesn’t mean that you have to be bummed out. Put on a comfy but cute pair of Rest Assured Pajamas and lounge the warm day away. Why get dressed when the day calls for tea in the backyard, a Netflix binge and some warm weather. 

These pyjamas are cute and cuddly, but the added lace gives them a tad bit more of a sexy look with the lace trim. They’re made of a cotton, viscose, polyester and elastane combination, and have a semi-sheer look. 

You can get your hands on this for $35 USD (and it’s on SALE). They have a soft feel that you can snuggle up in, while keeping cool. This cami-and-boyshorts duo is perfect to keep cool, and look and feel cute.

Lounging Robe

The Lively Lounging Robe pairs perfectly with the Rest Assured Pajama set, both in the fun and funky burgundy dino fabric. Made of a cotton, viscose, polyester and elastane combination, this robe is perfect for a day hanging out at home. 

It adds a little something to cover you up when the wind blows through the window, but still has a cool feel to it with the three-quarter-length sleeves. I LOVE the dinosaur print, tie sash, and the fact that it has pockets. 

You can get your hands on this for $35 USD (and it’s on SALE). The fabric provides just a tad bit of stretch, you can drop your phone in there and cart it around the house. Whether you want to cover up for a minute or lounge around all day, this is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Knit House Booties

No pyjama lounge outfit is complete without a pair of fashionable and comfortable slippers. For this funky dino outfit, these LongBay Chenille Knit Bootie Slippers are the perfect pairing.

This is the most expensive piece of this outfit with a price tag of $39 USD, but these bad boys can be worn every day to keep your feet comfortable and cozy. They have a glossy and chenille upper with a fashionable folded design. And your feet will stay comfy and cozy with the ultra soft and supportive footbed made of memory foam. 

They do have a sturdy bottom and can be worn outside or on the patio. Whether you’re looking to lounge around the house or you need to wander down to the mailbox, these slippers are perfect for you!

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