It’s Fashion Friday again and today’s $100 outfit of the week is perfect for those of us (AKA ALL of us) stuck at home waiting out this pesky virus. If you want to look fashionable on your virtual happy hour or cute and flirty on your online date, then this sweater and pant combination is for you. 

Until we’re out of this health crisis, we’re mostly focused on looking good from the top up, since that’s what people can see. But this outfit combo will look great even past a Friday night at home. Get on this affordable sweater right away!

Volcom Boxy Sweater

I absolutely LOVE this Volcom sweater. Not only is it affordable with the most expensive size (22) being only $43 but it’s totally cute. I love the different coloured and different sized stripes. 

You can get this sweater in sizes 12 to 22. While today I’m pairing this sweater with a pair of brown high rise pants, you can also pair them with a dark legging or any wash of jean. 

It’s the perfect sweater for a cozy night in or an evening out and about on the town (pending we get any of those again). If you’re looking for something cute and unique, this is the sweater for you!

Terra & Sky Light Brown Jeggings

I love a cute pair of coloured skinny pants. These Terra & Sky jeggings in a toasted brown heather are perfect for pairing with a cozy sweater like the Volcom shirt. A cute and cozy combination, you can wear this out and about or at home. 

Why I love about these jeggings is that they are made of cotton, repreve and spandex. They are comfortable and fitted, but they have enough stretch to make it well worth it. Best of all, the most expensive size and colour is $33. 

These pants are a great purchase because you know they’ll be good to dress up or dress down. You can mix them with a higher rise sweater or a low falling tunic. Whether you need something fancy or casual, these bad boys will work.

Ultraideas Cozy Women’s Slippers With Support

Look, none of us can really go anywhere so when it comes to picking the perfect pair of shoes to go with this $100 outfit, I decided to go with a pair of Ultraideas slippers that have a little arch support.

While these slippers might not be best for going out on the town, they are cozy and comfy with their memory foam insole and their non-slip soles. You can get them in five fashionable colours including the black pictured.

And for supportive slippers, they only cost a whopping $26, making them a real score! Go comfy this week with a pair of practical shoes.

Bonus Accessory: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you want your cozy at home but ready for an online party outfit to be complete, add a pair of SOJOS Retro blue light glasses. Stay fashion-forward while protecting your precious eyes from the stream of bad light that we both know you’re spending WAY too much time looking at these days for a whopping $22 USD.

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It's Fashion Friday and we're covering another $100 outfit of the week. This week we're going with a plus size sweater, some brown jeggings a pair of supportive slippers and some blue light glasses. You cannot go wrong with this virtual happy hour pleaser.

What would you like to see in the next $100 outfit? Drop your ideas in the comments below ??????

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